Oceans Over Alderaan are a four piece atmopheric mood rock band from Blackpool in the UK
They combine shoegaze, doom pop, mathy, post-rock to make a right old melodic noise. The band are made from former members of Goonies Never Say Die, Escape Artist, Dinosaurs Are Shit Dragons and I Drink Therefore There’s Darkness.

They play thier own unique blend of atmospheric and bombastic music, a varied blend of atmospheric mood, doom-pop, post-rock and shoegaze. Starting off as an instrumental band in Sprin 2017 but gradually evolving to include vocals. The first gig they ever played was in October 2017 at Preston Guild Hall supporting The Big Moon and Porter & May, a pretty big gig for a first performance but fuck it, if you want to do something go at it as big as you can.

They hope to reach the lofty heights of being one of those bands that people love but nobody has ever heard of.

Oceans Over Alderaan are releasing their debut single ‘sevenfour’ on Friday 11th January 2018 – available online everywhere or from their own label http://www.therecordingindustryisdeadrecords.co.uk

Wylie & Trenell & Parkinson & Deacon

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SEVENFOUR available now

The debut song ‘SEVENFOUR’ by ‘OCEANS OVER ALDERAAN’ is available NOW on all streaming and digital platforms. ————————— ‘Displays a heavy-duty sound in an atmospheric implosive manner, Perfectly crafted and crisply produced ‘Sevenfour’ is a Read more