Oceans Over Alderaan

Alice Deacon – vocals – (instagram)
Steve Trenell – bass
Joe Wylie – drums
Barry Parkinson – guitar – (twitterinstagram)


‘Displays a heavy-duty sound in an atmospheric implosive manner, Perfectly crafted and crisply produced ‘Sevenfour’ is a sublime debut’
– Indie Buddie

What’s on display here is fantastic,it combines the best of shoegaze, doomrock, post-rock…call it what you will, it’s really very good indeed’
– 17 Seconds

‘Veers between gothic and industrial sounds akin to The Cure and The Twilight Sad before blending this with more traditional post-rock and Alice Deacon’s shoegazey vocals. It’s an all-encompassing sound that you’d be foolish to ignore.’
– Spectral Nights

The band definitely knows how to immerse their listeners in a crisp, clean and well-orchestrated environment. The soaring guitars and whispy vocals interlock perfectly with the bombastic rhythm section over the course of this broad, often challenging composition. There’s a lot talent on display from all of the band’s facets.
– Rock The Pigeon

‘A spellbinding mixture of effects-slathered guitars and reverb-immersed vocals, featuring lots of creative chord sequences and drum rhythms’
– Music Related Junk

‘A little Oceansize here and there and that’s not a bad thing’
– Wee Claire

As heard on Radio X, DKFM, BBC Radio Introducing, Dandelion Radio, Fylde Coast Radio, ARFM, Manchester Music Scene, Progwave Radio