Oceans Over Alderaan

Alice Deacon – vocals – (instagram)
Steve Trenell – bass
Joe Wylie – drums
Barry Parkinson – guitar – (twitterinstagram)


‘Displays a heavy-duty sound in an atmospheric implosive manner, Perfectly crafted and crisply produced ‘Sevenfour’ is a sublime debut’
Indie Buddie

What’s on display here is fantastic,it combines the best of shoegaze, doomrock, post-rock…call it what you will, it’s really very good indeed’
– 17 Seconds

‘Veers between gothic and industrial sounds akin to The Cure and The Twilight Sad before blending this with more traditional post-rock and Alice Deacon’s shoegazey vocals. It’s an all-encompassing sound that you’d be foolish to ignore.’
– Spectral Nights

The band definitely knows how to immerse their listeners in a crisp, clean and well-orchestrated environment. The soaring guitars and whispy vocals interlock perfectly with the bombastic rhythm section over the course of this broad, often challenging composition. There’s a lot talent on display from all of the band’s facets.
– Rock The Pigeon

‘A spellbinding mixture of effects-slathered guitars and reverb-immersed vocals, featuring lots of creative chord sequences and drum rhythms’
– Music Related Junk

‘The band’s sound is based on an atmospheric shoegaze foundation, and often expands into more post rock and progressive territories, driven by powerful vocals, equally firm and exciting instrumentation, and sharp, yet, spacey production. Falters builds steadfastly into a piece of art impeccably well done, and becomes an astute sophomore release, like an amped up, fresh version of the dreampop and shoegaze greatness of Cocteau Twins, Slowdive and MBV.
– Destroy//Exist

‘A little Oceansize here and there and that’s not a bad thing’
– Wee Claire

As heard on Radio X, DKFM, Primal Radio, BBC Radio Introducing, Dandelion Radio, Fylde Coast Radio, ARFM, Manchester Music Scene, Progwave Radio